Saturday, April 17, 2010

Scrapbooking Convention!!

Hubby announced early last week that he thought I needed time way from our munchkins.

Coincidently, my SIL mentioned going to the scrapbooking convention in Mesa the upcoming Saturday.

Naturally, I assumed it was fate and I went.

And it was fantastic!

I took sneaky pictures with my cell phone.
I leanred a new technique.
I bought an entire box of Bazzil cardstock.
And I found a new stamp brand to be in love with. :)

The new technique is something like this:

I love it because it does the following things:
Allows me to use the brass stencil plates that I love, but hate how much manual labor the require using them the "right" way.
Allows me to use glitter. LOTS AND LOTS OF GLITTER.

If I can find some pictures that aren't too abysmal of the things I found best at the vendor show, I'll post 'em later.

But don't hold your breath. ;)

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