Friday, April 16, 2010

Emily is going to be 18!!!

My niece Emily, who was born after I had just turned 12, is turning 18! And graduating from High School in a month!! I'm starting to age, I guess. Not old, exactly, but definetly not 18 anymore! (Though, I still tend to think of myself as 23 or 24...odd, isn't it?)

Anyway, I might still do more with this card, I'm not sure. I stamped one side of the overhead sheet with black Staz-On (for the 18), and then on the back I used glue and glitter to make it shiny, but not messy. :) I like shiny. And I only like messy on some days. This was not one of those days.

The cupcake and reamining 18's are all stamped in the inside cardstock color.

Happy 18th Em!

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