Monday, April 19, 2010

Mock Smock

Tailynn + Only Wearing Dresses = Frequent Laundry.

So that in mind, I wanted to get some dresses made that wouldn't bust the bank, but still be super cute! The answer was Mock Smock material (we got ours at JoAnn's). It is awesome!

My biggest dilema with it, though, is that it's sorta meant to be sleeveless. And I can't stand a small child in a sleeveless garment. It always falls down. Well, it always falls down on adult women too, but they keep adjusting themselves as to show *marginally* less boobs...

So as I was sewing, I decided to use the bottom of the material to make straps! I think it turned out super cute! I've got another dress portion sewn, but need to figure out straps for it. And another entire dress to construct. I've got two more fabrics on their way to me (thank you clearance section of!).

My next conquest might be this ADORABLE dress made from a man's button down shirt. Now I'm *almost* grateful Matt's got a bunch of shirts that are too small! :D

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fluffyslippers said...

fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is super cute, you are so talented! i wish alyssa would wear a dress, i'd be bugging you to make us some too lol