Saturday, September 12, 2009

One of my favorite "holidays"

Okay, I know I promised to post pictures of my baking fun from two weeks ago, BUT I got too excited about this card!! My brother, Tim, happens to have one of the GREATEST birthday days in the US. September 19th. If you aren't sure why this is awesome, I suggest a quick google search.

I always have trouble with my "man cards." They still seem too girly when I am done with them, but this card....THIS CARD is PURE AWESOMENESS! (My eyes! It's too awesome!)

The pirate, sentiment, and skull/crossbones are all from The Greetings Farm. I JUST got these stamps on Thursday and could not wait to try 'em out. The argyle background is from Cuttlebug, and the silver flame is a cutting file from Visual Designs by Chris. I'm so psyched about this card, all the doods in my family might be getting one similar for their birthdays over the next year!

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Meg said...

Arg, Matey! He's so precious! Well, y'know, in a piratey, gonna pillage my doubloons kind of way.