Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Few Cards...

So, here are a few cards I did the past month or so. I needed some really quick ones, so I went with the b/w paper, colored in a flower, and added just a few accents. The pictures are slightly blurry because I'm lame and was using someone's camera to photograph.

The birthday card was inspired by Lysa, (her blog is listed on the side) and I love it! It turned out really cute. The inside just said "May today be one of your all-time favorites."

I'm exhausted right now, so I can't really remember all of my supplies. I know the animals are from Rubber Soul.


Meg said...

Lookin' good! How'd you do the circles? Punches? I've been on a circle kick but only have one small circle punch... I have a circle cutter that is supposed to make varying sizes yet I find they should rename it the oval cutter. Likely human error but I cannot ever get two of the same circle, let alone two perfect concentric ones.

Amity said...

loving the work mrs. crafty pants! they b/w cards are very cute!